PIETA: a visual essay by Went&Navarro

Rapatiki Treasures

This system has been created to make conversations about the things hospitalized children with a heart disease have to face easier. Commissioned by ‘De Nederlandse Hartstichting’.

Tintype Studio: Valentine’s day ‘connected’

… because image-making is what we do!

Mrs.Me – AlterEgo

Images and brochure by Went&Navarro

The Tintype Studio Project

The Tintype Studio is a hands-on-going photography project. This blog was made to keep al followers posted.

Studio Ruig – Ronja

Non-commissioned serie for fashion label StudioRUIG    

Vescom – Wallcoverings

Through the last few years we developed a visual language for Wallcoverings brand, ‘Vescom’.


This is an ongoing project to search for the meaning of my visual taste.

EH&I – Extreme

Commissioned editorial for EigenHuis &Interieur

Mr. McBride & Mr. Pel

Non-commissioned portraits