Mini Passport Polly Camera

Non-commissioned but a lot of fun!

The masculine part of Went&Navarro is a collector of old cameras. This time he (Went) bought two old ‘Polaroid’ passport camera’s with a fixed focal distance. You can make 4 pics at the same time (4 tiny lenses in front of it) or you can choose to make 4 different pics on one sheet. It wasn’t a coincidence he bought two camera’s, and that the size of the ‘Polaroid’ plate back had exactly the same measurements of the aluminium plates we use for making tintypes. A good chance to adjust this ‘Polaroid’ back (Read: ruin all of its half-automatic functions) and make it work for making 4-pic tintypes.

These are some party types we made.The party types we made are a mix between Polaroids and Tintypes of friends partying. The flashlight was fixed with a huge amount of gaffer tape, so sometimes it flashed… and sometimes it didn’t…




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