Tintype Studio @ Dutch Design Week Eindhoven 2011

Non-commissioned experiment

Since March 2011 we have been experimenting with an old photographic process from around 1850. It’s a real hands-on process called ‘Wet Plate Collodion’. It was not intended as so, but this seems to create the perfect balance between our mostly digital work and our fascination for the tactile. What started as a bit of an awkward hobby is now becoming an ongoing project that encourages us to explore the overlap between image and object.

The 2011 Dutch Design Week gave us the opportunity to test our ‘mobile’ Tintype Studio for the first time. As we were situated in ‘Designhuis’ which used to be a court house, we decided to build a photo booth set-up, for making mug shots of the visitors. The whole process, from the chemical brewing to sensitizing the plates until the final varnishing of the unique plates was demonstrated on the spot.


To see more about our Tintypes and Ambrotypes you can check out www.tintypestudio.nl



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