Christianos y Moros 2011


This is a series about a typical Valencian Festivity: “Christianos y Moros”. The battle between the Christians and the Moros in this particular area of Spain is celebrated each year and for each village on a different day.  Each village has their own Saint to honor. In this village, Bocairent, that is San Blai. It’s a strongly directed festivity that takes about 5 busy days. Everyday a different act, a lot of heavy fireworks (!) folklore and some serious dressing up by even more serious rules. Of course all that is completed with a lot of booze (mostly home brewed). To be the Capitan (leader) of this ‘fiesta’ is a great honor and we, as ‘outsiders’, were invited as friends of the Capitan to join one of the comparsas (groups) called ‘Suavos’. So what we got is a sneak peek behind the scenes of this fiesta… Luckily we had a try-out the in the year 2010, so we knew where to be at what exact time!

For some years now, we follow this yearly festivity, to gather enough footage to create a book about Christianos y Moros in Bocairent. To read more about Christianos y Moros in Bocairent you can check out (Spanish and Valencian language)





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